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Run Competitions

Build some of the exciting contests or getaways to build and grow your business. Run campaigns to excite your customer base with the help of lightweight tools to integrate them.

Instant Rewards

Excite your customers with instant rewards. Invest on your customer and grow together with them by increasing your followers and customer engagement and at the same time reward them.


Why do we need to run contest ?

More social followers in a short time

It's all about web traffic. SEO dude

Just go viral

Make data into potential leads and sales

Get to know more about your users

All the features and benefits of our platform


Leaderboard contests

Make compelling contest to excite the users to compete with each other for the top spot in the contest to win exciting prizes or rewards. Increase you customer engagement to the roof.

Embed it away

Just embed your contest anywhere. This helps in running you competition, contest wherever your want and link it to your needs. It is hightly flexible and lightweight.

Responsive optimized

It is highly responsive and works in all devices. However small or wide your screen, the app is optimized for it and works best in all laptopps, 4k screen, smartphones and tablets.

Schedule at ease

Schedule your contest or promotion whenever you want. If you want it after certain months, schedule and forget about it. Contest can even be paused and later resume at your own convenience.

Analytics and manage contest

Track your user base in an exclusive in-built exclusive analytics section and see your customer engagement rate. You have all the ability to edit your entries and choose multiple winners.


Rocket your customer base

One of the main objective of this platform is to boost your customer base and engagement. Get to know more about your customer behaviour and a lot of information to grow your business.

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